Sell Your Business

Once you’ve decided to sell, all attention turns to finding the best buyer…….

OLD Inc Business Brokers uses a proven confidential sales process to ensure a successful outcome. Here’s what we do for you during the sales process:

* Prepare a business valuation or Most Probable Selling Price (MPSP)
*Create a Confidential Business Profile (CBP) that identifies the benefits and potential of your company.
* Develop a marketing plan that identifies almost all possible buyers.
* Aggressively implement the marketing plan using our database, professional contacts and worldwide sources to notify prospects most likely to pay you full price.
* Qualify buyers to ensure your time is spent only on serious prospects.
* Negotiate price and terms. We deal with emotional issues without compromising your strength.
* Coordinate the closing, negotiating and expediting details with accountants, attorneys and other advisors, saving you and the buyer time and paving the way for a smooth closing with no surprises.
* Celebrate with you as you start a new life.